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Frequently Asked Questions

How is HairStim different than other companies out there?

We understand that each person is different. We dont make outlandish claims nor do we make you fill out a form and spit out a formula. We empower your doctor to create a custom formulation that is right for YOU!

How do I know it will work?

The truth is that hair loss is complex. The formula you start out with may need to be altered, strengths may need to be increased or decreased, etc. This is why we encouraged regular follow ups with your Dermatologist. This takes time but with the countless success stories, we hope you see why we are so excited for your journey

Do you offer topical Finasteride or Dutasteride

YES! We have both options , as well as oral finasteride for much lower pricing than many of the bigger companies out there

Do you offer telemedicine?

Yes and no. We connect you with Dermatologists that do televisits (we dont have our own platform). The key is to connect you with the experts and let them make sure you are the right fit.

How do returns work?

Why is there a 2-3 days processing time?

Creating individual medications take time! From the moment your RX is sent, the pharmacy team gets to work and makes sure we create something specific to you

Does Spironolactone have a scent?

Unfortunately it does. We do our best to mask it but under certain conditions out of our control (shipping, exposure to certain temperatures), the scent can return. While most are fine with it, we recommend asking your physician to remove the ingredient if it unpleasant for you

Can the compound affect my hair color?

There have been a few reports of light yellowing for white/ gray and very light blonde hair. While not particularly common, we are unable to determine which hair dyes will and won’t react with the medication. Please be aware when you start use.

Do you accept my insurance?

At this time, we don't accept insurance. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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