About HairStim

HairStim is a platform that allows doctors to create a proprietary blend of prescription and non-prescription ingredients that have been formulated for maximum efficacy and absorption. Each prescription is personalized to YOU by your doctor.

**Options available without Propylene Glycol

Our Unique Treatment


HairStim allows your dermatologist to create a UNIQUE blend of high-powered compounds specific to your condition. The HairStim solutions contain ingredients NOT available in over the counter (OTC) and other prescription mixtures. Along with powerful actives, the HairStim base is formulated to complement that active ingredients for maximum effect.

Unique Prescriptions

Prescription-only actives include High-dose minoxidil (6% and above), TOPICAL finasteride, TOPICAL spironolactone, retinoic acid (Vitamin A), Dutasteride, Latanoprost, and others.

HS blend

The HairStim blend was developed over the course of multiple years of testing and development. Ingredients such as Turmeric (anti-inflammatory and DHT blocker), Resveratrol (thought to synergistically work with Turmeric to reduce inflammation), lavender oil, and others were combined uniquely to enhance the effects of the prescription topicals and provide scientifically based results.

Why HairStim ?

Traditional medicines for hair loss haven’t evolved in decades. Whether it’s Minoxidil (2% or 5%) or oral finasteride, the medically proven options have been stagnant. For the first time, physicians now have access to craft unique blends of higher strength ingredients specific to YOU . HairStim was created to provide access to a blend of topical compounded actives not available elsewhere, fortified with a proprietarty base to improve results and tolerability. After years of development, HairStim , the first product from HairStim Labs, was released to provide a superior alternative to traditional hair loss options. We believe in science and the power of personalized medicine.

How it works


Your physician evaluates you in the
office to assess your condition


After evaluation, your dermatologist selects the unique
ingredient and prescription medication blend for your hair loss


You are emailed a link to provide billing and shipping
information. Your medication is then custom created just
for you and shipped to your home!